CHOKING HAZARD -- KEEP AWAY FROM ALL CHILDREN. Do not put in mouth or nose. This product contains powerful magnets. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.

Keep away from wearers of a PACEMAKER, DEFIBRILLATOR, INSULIN PUMP or OTHER IMPLANTED ELECTRO-MEDICAL DEVICE. If you're Pregnant, we recommend you consult your Physician before handling magnetic items.  Strong magnets, like our Buzz Balls, should also be kept away from delicate electronics including, but not limited to, mobile phones, computers, jump drives, SD cards & all plastic cards with magnetic strips.


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What Are Buzz Balls?

The Original Buzz Balls Legend Continues

Relatively recently, from far, far away a chunk of the BIG BANG, unknown to us until now, quite literally fell into what is now our Buzz Balls factory.  In technical terms; we melon balled it, polished & laser branded each ball then paired them up and dropped’em into a Buzz Balls branded sack.

You’re looking at the colors of creation and feeling the gravitational pull of currents bonding us all to our origins.

Feel the power, hear the resonance, see the unique prismatic colors forged in a flash of​ creation.

You’re holding an enigma infused with travel path history beyond our comprehension.

What will you do with your Buzz Balls?

C8N donates a portion of all proceeds to our charitable fund focused on missions we support. Details available @:


Cre8ive Network, llc (C8N)

The Original Buzz Balls is a trade marked product developed and owned by Cre8ive Network, llc
A private family owned & operated enterprise 

All contents of BuzzBalls.Buzz website, Copyright 2016 Cre8ive Network, llc

Buzz Balls

Loved the World Over

The Original Buzz Balls Buzz  are a labor of love.  The cost to produce these balls is more than 3X the cost of producing regular black "hematite" magnetic spheres.  We researched 13 manufacturers before finding one that could produce our branded Buzz Balls to our exacting standards.  Producing the PU leather pouch was much more difficult than we realized it could be and ended up costing as much as the balls.  We are very proud of the results and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  Visit us on Facebook @



Buzz Balls is our brand pending registration with the USPTO. We've developed our product over the past 15 years but have only recently begun creating retail distribution channels


Other Brands Owned By C8N Include:

  • Rock*Comedy*Film - Entertainment
  • Colorful Cook - Kitchen Utensils
  • Hopewell - Clothing
  • Cre8ive Network - Multi-Media Production


Free Shipping & Handling is a Myth
We want you to feel good about the extreme value of our $12.50 all-inclusive price point.  Please consider that it covers all of the following:  Production of the laser branded precision manufactured Buzz Balls & custom branded pouch + shipping, handling, taxes, duty & customs from China to the US.  Then storage fees + printing & assembly, then packaging and finally shipping & handling.  This leaves about $1.50 gross profit and after 25% income taxes, a net profit of $1.18 per sale when we pay the shipping & handling.  So, hopefully you can appreciate that “Free Shipping & Handling” is not free - we (the manufacturing seller) pay for everything and the only way we make any profit (while offering free S&H) is by selling a lot of units.  There is no way to pay all of what we’ve listed above then sell this product for < $12.50 and still make any kind of a meaningful profit.  In fact, our Amazon Prime experiment has ended because they raised their fees again and that forced us to choose between 3 options -> 1) raise our price, 2) reduce our quality, 3) drop Amazon Prime.  Since we're committed to making the world's best product at our original price point #3 was the only viable option.  As you can clearly see, we could discount the price to $9.99, charge buyers $5 for S&H and instantly our gross profit more than doubles from $1.50 to $3.99. What’s weird is, although the total cost to the buyer jumps to $14.99, some just like the idea of getting a $2.50 discount off the $12.50 list price, even though paying for S&H would bring the total price up by $2.50.  Anyway, if you get this, you’ll realize that buying now at the all-inclusive flat fee of $12.50, while you still can, is a good idea.  Sincerely, JH

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