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The Original Buzz Balls Buzz® are a labor of love. Over the past 20 years we have purchased and given, as gifts, over 500 pairs of magnetic "Hematite" balls to the delight of all recipients. People would always ask, "what do you call them?" and we've always said "Buzz Balls®," for obvious reasons. 

We've purchased such balls from every brand and source available and have experienced a lot of variations in size & shape especially. We set out to produce our own branded Buzz Balls® and wanted them to be the best available. These are more than just magnets from our POV. They are experiential, iconic and unique. To us, the whole branded package is important, as well as sharing the fun we've had with them and now we're creating a forum for everyone to share their Buzz Balls experience as well.

The cost to produce these balls is more than 3X the cost of producing regular black "hematite" magnetic spheres. We know because during our development process our original budget more than tripled in order to make Buzz Balls our way.  We researched and worked with 13 different manufacturers before finding 3 that could produce our branded Buzz Balls® to our exacting standards. Then each of them developed final product samples along with cost parameters for us to consider.  The final choice was easy based on the consistent quality of the product.  They produced to our specs and we a very pleased with the final results.  They were not the cheapest, by far, but they are the best.  The manufacturer makes precision magnets for high tech, aviation and industrial applications.  They are not a toy manufacturer in any way, shape or form.  In order to make our price point competitive we produced way more than we imagined we would for our initial order.  Honestly though, every time we open a fresh package of Buzz Balls® we are stunned by the awesome look of the colors. We are very pleased to be able to offer you our best in class, branded Buzz Balls® with packaging & pricing representing outstanding value.

Initially we're selling them only in pairs, inside a branded pouch, inside a labeled clear plastic zip lock bag.  We also sell a Mega Pack of 35 Buzz Balls® at a special value discount - these products are no longer available from Amazon, but even better they can be found in the Products section of our Rock*Comedy*Film site ->

We hand pick & pack each pair into their custom made pouch to ensure consistent quality. Producing the branded PU leather pouch was much more difficult than we realized it could be and ended up costing as much as the balls. We are very proud of the results and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We think once you experience your own Buzz Balls®, you'll be motivated to give them as gifts, just like we have with great pleasure, time & again, for many years. 

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