Competitive Structure For All Buzz Balls Games & Challenges
Virtually any game or challenge can become competitive:  One way we’ve always enjoyed competing is by utilizing a best of 10 tries format.  Challenge each other to accomplish something successfully the most times out of 10 tries.  Example: Spin Pass, each challenger gets 10 tries to successfully create as many Spin Passes as possible.  10 out of 10 is obviously as good as it gets. 4 successes out of 10 tries would obviously win over 3 or less successful attempts out of 10.  The one making the most successful spins in 10 attempts wins that round.  The winner gets one point per round.  First to score 5 points (or whatever # of rounds you want to play) wins (whatever you decide a win is worth).
Experts Only:
Cliffhanger ► put one of your Balls in your front pants pocket ► now hold your other Ball against your waist at least 12 inches directly above the Ball in your pocket ► let the “high ball” roll down in line with the “pocket ball” ► a successful Cliffhanger occurs when the “high ball” converts to a Cliffhanger by stopping when attracted by the “pocket ball.”
Twister ► While holding one ball with others hanging from it, Wiggle the top ball with a circular motion, causing the others to spin in a helix pattern ► you should be able to suspend 20 connected balls ► see if you can cause at least 2 balls to appear as though they’re standing still.
One Hand Juggle ► Hold both balls palm up in one hand ► separate and toss one up and catch it in the same hand, that’s a 1 count ► now do the same thing again, but before the 1st ball you toss falls back into your hand, toss the 2nd ball up, catch the 1st ball, then the 2nd, that’s a 2 count ► keep doing it, increasing the number of times you toss a ball and catch it by 1 each time
Buzz Tune ► using the “Buzz Control” techniques combined with rhythm ► fashion a recognizable melody from a series of quick “Buzz & Flip Tosses” ► the trick is to do it such that someone else can name that “Buzz Tune”

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*Special Note: OK, one of the reasons for the 14 year old minimum age restriction is so that we’re not dealing with a bunch of 12 & 13 year old boys giggling every time we write the word “Balls.” It’s not like these balls were made by Pete Schweddy, C’mon.  We’re all adults here so let’s keep our minds right and get on with our inspiring magnetism sans the adolescent distractions or misguided puritan indignation;-)

**Detailed instructions for the basic Buzz Toss: hold your hand palm up and place your Buzz Balls on the middle joint of our middle finger ► close your hand wrapping your middle finger around the inside ball while pinching the outside ball between your thumb and your index finger ► now push the outside ball with your thumb creating a gap between the balls, about ¾” is perfect ► now you simply toss both balls up while simultaneously popping your hand open (don’t be afraid, it will work – but just in case you drop them, ensure you’re over something soft and unbreakable), shoot for about a 6” toss – immediately you will hear your balls buzz as they clatter together, spin and return to your open hand to be caught, separated then tossed again & again.   (if you try it and there’s no Buzz, no worries, “only dogs can hear that pitch” is a good way to play it off)

***Note: games requiring more than 2 Buzz Balls can be played when friends pool their balls or special multi-ball deals can be found here

****Set-up for official Newton’s Blast competition: You will need a smooth hard surface, like a counter top, or a floor, at least 5 feet long and 2 feet wide.  Create a goal area at one end by rolling up 3 towels, each about 2 feet long, creating a 3 sided square with the open end facing the other end of your 5 foot playing area.  About 4 feet from the towel opposite the open end place an object, like a butter knife, to mark the “do not cross” shooting line which is parallel to the rolled towel at the opposite end of the playing field about 4 feet away.  Set your 10 Buzz Balls in a straight line, perpendicular to and behind the shooting line.  With the ball closest to the shooting line being #1, count back and pinch the 9th ball, second from the end, with your thumb and index finger of your left hand (hold it tight).  Now with the thumb and index finger of your right hand, pull the 10th (last) ball back about 3 inches then toss it quickly back at the 9th ball while still holding it firmly with your left hand.  This strike will cause the #1 ball to shoot off the end into the goal area.  If you hit it hard enough, it will stop at the towel 4 feet away.  Now, still holding the 9th ball, pull the 10th ball back, aim the #2 ball at the #1 ball in the goal and toss the #10 ball at the 9th ball again which will shoot the #2 ball, hopefully reattaching to the #1 ball in the goal area.  Repeat this process 8 times until you have just the #9 and #10 balls left.  These you get to “free roll” at all the others, trying to connect as many as possible.  Reconnecting all 10 (must be in one grouping of balls. Ie, if you have more than one group of balls connected, only the largest group counts. Free rolling the last 2 balls is all about connecting multiple groups of balls into one, if possible) is a perfect score as long as you accomplished it with only 8 blasts (knocking the 10 ball into the 9 ball in order the blast the end ball) + the last 2 free rolls with the 9th and 10th ball.  If, however, you had some misfires, then each misfire deducts one ball from the largest group you were able to reconnect. The competitor with the highest number of regrouped balls (minus any misfires) wins the round. Note: a “misfire” occurs when the end ball (closet to the shooting line) goes over the shooting line or if you miss the 9th ball with the 10th ball while trying to blast the end ball off or if the end ball does not blast off or if the end ball does not make it into the goal or if any balls are not in the goal at the end of the game.

Unique gift:
Inspiring Magnetism  ► every sack & ball is unique ► precision crafted, electrolysis imparted iridescent color, individually laser branded, custom made branded PU Leather pouch ► nothing looks, feels or sounds like a custom made sack of branded Buzz Balls

Therapeutic Qualities:
Massage ► BB’s feel great in hands ► in or out of the sack ► roll together on neck, shoulders and joints ► wear as a wrist or ankle bracelet  ►  
Caution:  do not put BB’s inside anybody in any way shape or form. Warning: Ingesting BB's can cause unintended serious and potentially fatal injury - this is usually only necessary to tell 3 year olds, but we're taking no chances.

Multi Ball Games & Challenges***:
Newton’s Blast ► Tap end of 9 balls w/ a 10th ball ► knock the ball at opposite end off then shoot remaining balls to have them re-attach to each other ► “free roll” the last 2 balls to attach to as many of the other 8 as possible ► person that reattaches the most wins.  See details below for official set up parameters****
Snake Slither ► See how long you can make your Buzz Balls (BB’s) Snake slither on a flat, smooth surface
Max Hang ► Holding only 1 ball pinched between your thumb and index finger see how many other balls you can suspend  
Tractor Beam ► Holding only one ball pinched between your thumb and index finger toss other balls one at a time to attach to the ball you’re holding from above & below ► see how many balls you can suspend & balance
Halo  ► Start with a 3X3 square of 9 balls on a smooth flat surface ► spin the square into a halo

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A private family owned & operated enterprise 
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Inspiring Magnetism:
Under Control ►  Seemingly psychokinetic movements ► place one BB in a cup, bowl or on a table top and hold another BB underneath to control the “psychokinetic” movement of the other
Hula Cups ► Place a small light paper cup upside down on a table ► place a BB on the bottom of the cup and place another cup upside down over the 1st cup, covering the BB ► place another BB on the bottom of the 2nd cup ► then place a 3rd cup upside down over the 2nd cup & BB ► now with a BB in each hand wave on either side of the cups to create your Hula Cups ► Add some fun by drawing a face, arms, Hula skirt and legs on the cups

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Magnetic personality:   
Buzz Buddy ► Give your balls personality, draw faces with Sharpie
Hang-ups  ►  Show the world you’ve got Balls ► Hang your Buzz Balls sack from your belt, backpack or purse
SSHB = Soft Sack Hard Balls ► turn your sack inside out and write your name & return info inside ► Your sack can also be used for coins and other small objects ►  it will hold up to 6 BB’s ► and your empty BB’s sack makes a cute Chef’s hat for a Ken doll
Sack Spin ► with your BB’s in your sack ► pull the cords tight ► put your index finger through the cord loops ► now with your index finger pointing straight up ► spin your sack around your index finger while focusing on the gold caps as they spin around your finger ► now while keeping your sack spinning, point your finger straight out away from you, then point upright again, all the while spinning
Ultimate Fridge Magnets  ► powerful & cool way to hold stuff on your Fridge, Locker or any other metal surface with class
Pocket Lock-it  ► place a Buzz Ball in each jacket/hoodie pocket ► now without  zipping or buttoning you have interesting/weighted closure ► try joining forces with a friend(s) that also has a Buzz Ball in each pocket – low tech connectivity
Inside Story ► Turn your sack inside out and personalize it with a Sharpie

Memorizing ► Unique electrolysis induced iridescent rainbow colors
Bowl Roll ► Place a BB in at least a 10” bowl and gently move the bowl in a circular motion causing the BB to roll around the inside edge of the bowl ► this can create soothing sites & sounds that can be memorizing ► experiment with glass, plastic and wood ► try holding your other BB on the outside of the bowl noticing the effect it can have on the roll path of the inside ball ► Caution: not too fast as the BB can fly out causing damage and/or injury
Contagious Spin ► Hang multiple balls from one ball ► now spin the bottom ball with your fingers ► Notice how all the balls up the line start spinning one at a time until they all start spinning at the same speed. 
Knife Tip Spin ► Same as Contagious Spin but the top ball will be held by only the tip of a knife; this allows the top ball to spin as well.


Utilitarian Buzz Balls:
Magnetic Pick Up ► hang sack from a straightened hanger  ► or just a magnetic Ball or 2 stuck to anything magnetic ► or drop a Ball or 2 into a sock to pick metal stuff up
Defensive Friends ► We do not recommend nor condone trying to deliberately hurt someone with your BB’s ► however, if someone was trying to hurt you and you needed to defend yourself, it’s good to know that your Buzz Balls could be used as weapons  ► actually our attorneys have advised us to take down our defensive weapons ideas  ► just use your imagination and know that these things could be lethal  ► using them as defensive weapons is another good reason to keep your BB’s with you

What’s the buzz:
Buzz Bag ► For a great icebreaking conversation starter, buzz your balls right in the bag ►place your fingers behind the bag ►press the tip of your thumb between the balls, separating them ►now pull your thumb back quickly, hear the muffled buzz and look for the reaction, it’s usually some form of wtf?
Buzz Control ► experiment with “multi-pitch-gaps”► notice that the wider the gap between your balls before you toss them, the lower the pitch and indeed more of a clattering ► the closer the gap, the higher the pitch
Stereo Buzz ► With a pair of BB’s in each hand Buzz Toss each simultaneously so that they pass on either side of your head, by your ears at the same time
Super Buzz ► With a pair of BB’s in each hand Buzz Toss the 2 pairs together so that all 4 create a Super Buzz ► catch all 4 in one hand

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Playing with your Buzz Balls* is Fun & Addictive:

Most of the techniques & games described below can be seen right here in our brief Info-video 
Basic BuzzPlace your balls on a smooth, hard surface about 6” apartnow gently roll them towards each other and observe the Buzz
Buzz TossSimply stated, all you have to do to buzz your balls is separate, toss & catch – detailed explanation for 1st timers is below**
Flip Toss add end over end flipping to your toss, notice the vibrato  
SidewinderPlace your balls on a smooth, hard surfaceput your thumb & index fingertips on each ball and separate about 12 inchesnow roll them towards each other so that they pass closely without colliding ► when you get the distance/speed/polarity just right they will connect w/o colliding & spin
Click Back ► From about 10” away, roll your balls towards each other vigorously enough so that they collide and bounce back catching them both in the same hands ► see how many times you can do this in rapid succession

Cyclone ► Pinch one BB between your thumb and index finger supporting it just “below the equator” ► place your other BB on top and make a circular motion causing the top BB to rotate around ► while spinning around, try tilting the spin path 90 degrees, then upside down
Ferris Wheel ► squeeze one BB between the tip of your thumb and index finger ► hang your other BB from the one your squeezing so it dangles in the circle made by your thumb and index finger ► with a slight jerking motion try to case the hanging BB to do a 360 around the BB your pinching ► Caution: don’t flick it too hard or it could shoot off and hurt somebody or break something ► smooth & easy is the key and being sure that if it does go flying it will have a soft, safe landing
Clip Toss ► Place your BB’s on a hard surface stand 6 feet away and toss 10 paper clips one at a time trying to make each one stick to the BB’s ► each clip that sticks is 1 point, each that misses is minus 1 point and each clip that sticks to another clip without touching a BB is 2 points (as long as the clip it’s stuck to is stuck to a BB) and an additional point is awarded for each clip between the clip it’s stuck to and the one stuck to the BB ► ex: if 3 clips were stuck end to end but only one stuck to a BB, the one stuck to the BB is 1 point, the 2nd stuck to the 1st is 2 points and the 3rd stuck to the 2nd is 3 points and so on ► any clips stuck to both BB’s are 2 points

Please note: any handling of Buzz Balls can be dangerous and/or become problematic.  The most common damage can be caused by dropping them onto something breakable like glass, tile or your toe or worse an unsuspecting other person.  The best way to manage safe handling and play is to carefully choose when/where/how you’re handling your balls.  Also, you want to keep these powerful magnets away from all sensitive electronics, especially your smart phone; do not drop your Buzz Balls into the same pocket or purse where you keep your cell phone.  When you’re mindful about potential problems you’ll ensure that even if you drop your balls, no person or property will be hurt or damaged.  Never even think of putting a Buzz Ball inside any part of anybody; such activity can only lead to heartache/pain and in extreme cases serious injury and/or death.  Many young children have died by swallowing 2 or more magnetic balls, usually the smaller variety <10mm, Buzz Balls are 25mm.  Just please know the inherent dangers and safeguard against potential disasters.   

Our strong recommendation for responsible handling by people 14 years of age and older should be taken seriously.  Like so many recommendations of this nature, it’s not a problem until it is and then fingers of blame start pointing at who let the kid play with these dangerous and/or destructive things; don’t be to blame, be responsible.